Sharing A Custom App

For those developing custom apps in Make, I have a question.

What’s your method for sharing access to the custom app?

Make’s documentation mentions being able to install a custom app for a client using an API key with an SDK scope but the Make API doesn’t have any documentation for installing custom apps.

Has anyone had success with this?

PS. I’ve got a request in with Make but their support is super slow these days so I figured I’d try my luck here while I wait.

wemakefuture is a company that has a custom app market place and they use the API Key approach to read/write custom apps after you have subscribed to their apps. Maybe someone from their market place can be contacted to help you out.


Hello Kyle,

I believe that it is better to implement access control in your app, that you want to share, than install the app directly in the customer’s organization via API.

This would apply to a case where you want to monetize your custom app.

Here is the link to our article that describes the implementation of access control.