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I am using the template supplied to create an order from Woo into XERO. This was a purchase order (wasn’t really sure why a purchase order was being created for a sale) so I have modified it to be an invoice. However the array works now its modified to place the items into the invoice, however I need the last line to be added which are the shipping costs when a customer pays for shipping. How do I add this onto the invoice?

It is not part of the array of its not a product line. There are no fields to add it in the modules currently as an extra line, so rather confused how I can do it. Thanks in advance

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1. Screenshots of module fields and filters

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Hello, thanks for the reply. Can I just confirm how I do this while ensuring that no live data is shared or accessible? The scenario is passing real customer GDPR governed order data from our WooCommerce store to Xero our AP system to create customer invoices to reconcile bank payments against for a 2 way match process.

For some reason the .txt examples you have shared are not even appearing as objects for me to download in anyway.

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For scenario blueprint export:

You can open up the exported/downloaded .json in a text editor, and verify that there is no data - it’s all describing the scenario, and no bundle data is included in the scenario export.

For output bundle export:

You can replace any live data with example data, and save the new file.

Correct, that is just a demo on how it would look like on this forum when you attach files.



So I was able to figure out the array for the multiple items. But still struggling to workout how to add the shipping line at the bottom.

Do you want the bundles all in one .txt file or separate ones?

Blueprint is below
screenshots of the modules doing anything in terms of this scenario, the other route is purely checking is the customer is set up in the system already or not. The array is the product line data then seen in the invoice. So I know it needs similar for the shipping line but I cannot workout how.
One screenshot with the current output in Xero
A second with the desired output which is with an added shipping line on the bottom of the invoice, if the order qualifies to pay shipping. It won’t always be added.

blueprint.json (105.4 KB)

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I’ve been trying to solve the same problem and came across this thread; the solution I found was in this video. Hope it helps you! Spent a long time trying to find the answer for my scenario :sweat_smile: