Xero Invoice creation from WooCommerce Order


I am having an almost indenticle issue as this user posted about Xero Integration to woocoomerce

There was no solution confirmed in the post.

But as part of creating a sales invoice in Xero, you need to select mandatory fields within Xero that code the Sale to the relevant accounting code, and set the Tax element to the correct tax code. These are fields set in Xero.

During the flow I understand I need to make a call to Xero to request these fields prior to handing off the final bundle, which needs to have these 2 codes set against the WooCommerce order data being handed off. But I cannot seem to workout how to make the call to Xero to pull these records. I have gone through all the modules provided, there is one that pulls the tax record, but not the Cost (sale) codes. So no invoices are valid as these are mandatory fields for an invoice.

If anyone can point me in the direction of the correct module to be using I should be able to figure it out from there I think.

Thank you,