Xero Integration to woocoomerce

I use template from make.com and it’s working for PO Purchase but i need is Invoice so when i change it to invoice i get error


A validation exception occurred (10, ValidationException) Account code or ID must be specified, The TaxType field is mandatory


In Create an Invoice module, under Line Items, please ensure value is passed or selected (available) in Account code and Tax code fields and try execution again.

Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks.



Not to highjack the post, but saw no one had replied in a few months. I am having the same issue. The tax code data is actually tax rate in XERO and they are set in XERO, in a previous flow they were pulled in via an earlier XERO module I used, they were then in a drop down to select. I am using this same flow now as above, and with no previous XERO module they arnt pulled in. I was able to use get tax code module for the tax rate but there is still the issue of ‘Account’ which is the ledger code for the Sale. I cannot seem to be able to pull that in to use its also a mandatory field. How can I pull in the tax codes and account codes into the flow from Xero to then use in the Invoice creation? Thanks,

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