Shopify custom webhook sends back multiple responses

Hi everyone! I’ve created a simple
Scenario pulling in data from Shopify using the “Order update” webhook and plugging them into Google Sheets

It seems that the “200 OK” response is not correctly being generated as we’re getting multiple responses before timing out (usually 2-3)

Sequence looks like this:


  1. Custom Webhook Sequence
  2. Webhook Response
    -Status: 200
    -Response: Blank
  3. Google Sheets Add A Row

Has anyone experienced this before, and, if so, figured out how to fix it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

Welcome to the Make community!

You do not need to send a response with HTTP 200, as that is the default (with body content “Accepted”) once it reaches the end of the scenario run (successfully). This saves you one operation per cycle.

Delete that webhook response module and try again.


Thanks Sam!

Okay I deleted the middle step:

However, this is what the previous sequence looked like and i got even more repeated rows. Let’s wait for the next order to come in and see what happens. Will update you! Thanks!

You probably just need to switch to using the “Update a Row” module instead of “Add a Row” for every order update.

“Update a Row” requires you to know the row number to update, so you might need to perform a “Search Rows” for the order ID first to get the row number where the order is stored in the sheet.


Nice suggestion! Still uses up operations but more efficient (and less painful) than ripping my hair apart!

Thank you!!

No problem, glad I could help!

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