Shopify - Extract sales per article with make

I want to build an automation for inventory and days in stock on SKU level to be warned of low inventory. I need to extract sales per article from shopify to a google sheets to be able to calculate DIS (Days in stock)

Is it “Make an API call”, “Make an GraphQL API call” that I need to use or are there other ways to get that data out of shopify with make?

Thank you

Hey @Marcus_Hoglund - You’re going to want to use the HTTP API call, but with a basic auth request. The basic auth credentials are going to be gotten from creating a custom shopify app within your store and setting the permissions (scopes) which will give you the credentials. Once you do that you’ll be able to make a simple get command against your store’s URL which will give you all the information back around the SKU’s inventory level, ID’s, etc.

If you have any issues getting this setup or creating the shopify app let me know. I know it can be a little tricky sometimes.