Shopify + Google Ads + Facebook Ads

Hi everyone!

My goal is to get a report of daily actual blended Return on Ad Spend, pulling in information from Google Ads, Facebook, and Shopify

Any tips on how to do this? I’ve started with Google Ads and can’t work it out - can’t find a module that pulls in the information on the daily spend on Ads

Thank you in advance!

@Sherif_Abdulla You might take a look at the API for getting the ad spent


Thank you for the reply, Rezwan!

I’ve never done that and not quite sure where to start. Is there any guide you’d advise me to look at that could help walk me through this?

Thank you again!!

Hi sherif, sure I will try to send you some instructions


@Sherif_Abdulla you can go through this sample to see how you can use the Google Ads API to get information about your ads campaigns


For Facebook too you can refer this link :