Shopify order info into Google Sheets, but automate this happening on a new Sheet (called current date) each day


I would like to set up an automation that does the following:

  • Runs 1x per day at pre-determined time
  • Watches Shopify orders (from the day)
  • Creates a new Sheet in a Google Sheet called the current date
  • Adds these orders as rows into this days Google Sheet (using Iterator to add new lines per item in order)

I have been able to get everything working, except for getting this automation to happen on a new sheet each day (You can’t map out the fields to a sheet that doesn’t exist yet?)

Any help or ideas here would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @alecdti

I think you should include “Add a sheet” to create a new sheet. Utilize the “List Sheet” module to display all sheets and apply a filter afterward to locate the newly created sheet.

eg: If you use date in the title
You can use filter with the same.

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