Shopify -Shipping and Delivery, shipping rates


I have a shopify store which is managed manually. I’m trying to get it onboarded to Our workflow for creating products includes shipping rates. Is the below workflow possible with

Appreciate the help!!

More specifically:

  1. Once a product is created, we go to the “shipping and delivery” section (screenshot below.

  2. Then, we’ll go to the specific custom shipping band, and select the relevant one

  3. Then we’ll go click “manage products”

  4. Finally, we’ll select the new product we wish to add to that band.

This would be possible if there was some logic to determine which custom band is the ‘relevant one’. (Selecting the correct band for the product would need to be determined by the automation somehow, based on some criteria/logic/rules)


Thanks for the quick follow up :slight_smile:
I do have logic to determine which custom band is the relevant one. I just don’t know which Make module can enable me to select this band for the product. I used Make to find an existing product that has a specific band, but I didn’t find the band as one of the product fields.
Any thoughts?