Shopify webhook triggered for both product and inventory updates


I have 2 Shopify stores and I want to sync the products from my base store to the 2nd store. Specifically I want to sync SKU and Barcode data.

For this, I have a scenario that triggers whenever a product is updated. The problem is, with Shopify the webhook gets triggered every time the product is edited but also when it is sold (since some data like inventory also updates in the base store).

Is there any way to fix this? I tried to add a second webhook for when an order is placed, so that I could filter the relevant updates by comparing the timestamp, but the scenario doesn’t seem to allow me to add 2 webhooks.

If anybody has any ideas that would be great.

You’ll need to compare the different output bundles and find a way to differentiate the requests so that you can create a filter to only allow the events you want to process through.

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