Sync multiple Shopify Store's inventory

I have a “source” shopify store that I use to manage all of my inventory levels. I would like to create a scenario where I can update the inventory levels in another shopify store.

It seems that the Shopify “Search for inventory levels” will only give me the Item ID. This Item ID will not be the same in the other store as they are internally different. I need to be able to update inventory levels based on a SKU which would be common between the stores.

I cannot figure out how to do this.

Hi @joe - I am not familiar with Shopify and its Make modules , but if you have got the Item ID from the ‘Search for Inventory Level’ module, can you then use that to find the SKU using the ‘Search for Inventory Items’ module?

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Thanks for your help. I had to use the “handle” parameter of products, and then use the item ID of the receiving system. I got it working.


Hello there @joe welcome to the Make Community :blob_wave:

I just wanna jump in to quickly say awesome work figuring this one out :muscle:

Also, thanks a lot for remembering to step back here and for sharing what did the trick for you. This is super valuable and can help many others searching for similar information in the future :pray:

Keep up the great work :seedling:

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