Simple replace not working

A simple replace of text isn’t working. I’ve reduced it to a simple text case. I’ve tested the regex manually.

Step 1: Tools module sets variable “First Name” to “Jean.”


Step 2: Airtable Get a Record module retrieves the record containing the text I want to modify.


Step 3: Tools module runs a replace on a field in the Airtable record. I tested the regex by hand and with a Web site.

I want to replace “{{First Name}}” with the value in a Make “First Name” field:


But the text isn’t replaced:


Please embarrass me by pointing out the simple mistake I must be making! With deepest gratitude…

Hi @JeanHT , if you want to use regex within the replace() function please wrap them around slashes. So your regex would look like:

/\{\{First Name\}\}/

Let me know if that works out! :smiley: