Skipping a step/module

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That’s what the error directive Resume allows you to do. First, you use a Search module to see if it exists, then Create a new item if it doesn’t exist. In the Create field, you use an if-statement to “ignore” a required field if there are search results, throwing an error and allowing you to “skip” the creation module.

The if (not-exist-create-ignore) throws the error (ignore if exists), which the Resume directive can be used to return the item from the Search module (to check if it exists).

This goes into the create module’s “required” field. If there are records, it uses “ignore”, which is invalid, so it “skips” the module using the resume.


I explained this in a similar older post Can I skip a module based on a filter? - #3 by samliew

@Donald_Mitchell I don’t think you can use “Ignore” there, because OP wants to do something else after it. Ignore will Ignore (Mark as success) and terminate the cycle.