Can I skip a module based on a filter?

I have a feeling there is a very simple answer for this challenge – but I’m not getting to it (after reading many other community posts!).

Pretty simple workflow:

  1. Search if a Google Drive folder exists
  2. If it does not, go to next step (Create Google Drive folder)
  3. If it does, skip the CREATE DRIVE module and move to CREATE SPREDShEET


I want too effectively skip the CREATE A FOLDER module. I created a filter between the SEARCh and CREATE FOLDER modules, but assuming the entire. scenario will stop at that point (vs. just continuing after).

Thanks in advance

No, you cannot skip modules, but you can use this trick to perform another route (create folder if a folder path doesn’t exist):

I initially briefly mentioned it here Copy a directory from Google Drive - #6 by samliew


Awesome idea! The only issue I’m now running into is the RESUME doesn’t show me the Folder ID from the CREATE A FOLDER module (I think it assumes this is an error handler).

I’m not sure if you can do this with “Search for Files/Folders” module, because it requires the module to throw an error. Notice how my dotted line coming out of the first module is different from yours?


I solved it with a little twist on your recommendation - needed to add a SEARCH step so the RESUME could read the CREATE FOLDER data. Still testing, but thinking this will work:

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Heya @Brian-HFLA :blob_wave:

Just jumping in to say awesome work figuring this one out with the assistance of @samliew :clap:

Thanks a lot for keeping the community updated and for sharing your final setup with everyone. This is super valuable and could be incredibly helpful to other searching for similar info :pray: