Slack Google Calendar for Teams

I’m attempting to create a weekly summary of upcoming events from Google Calendar. I want it to post to a slack channel. This used to work natively with a Slack plugin, but it’s discontinued. I tried Zapier but can’t recreate it. Has anyone successfully done this using Make?

Yeah, you can easily get this done through Make.

What you want to do is,

  1. Search Google Calendar Events for the Specific Calendars and add startDate from now to end date 7 days from now
  2. Aggregate the results using Text Aggregator
  3. Send a Message to Slack

You can then set the scenario to run every Monday or so, or any weekdays to your liking at specific time for weekly run. Just make sure to change the Google Calendar limit to higher value than default 10.

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Thank you! I almost have it perfect.

I’m trying to format the date and having problems. After I put in the formatDate function, it still shows the original format of the date/time along with the new formatting right after. Do you know how I can only show the formatted date/time?

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 5.13.26 PM


Well, there is two start date so it is showing two results. Just use,

formatDate(Start;dddd h:mm a) and remove the other start mapping in the aggregator.


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