Formatting Slack Message with source from Google Calendar event

Hey all,

This is my first Make automation and it is running. I have a workflow where new events are pushed to a channel. It is running well but there are a couple of tweaks I could use help with:

  • Is it possible to hyperlink the Summary (event title) with Html Link?
  • Is there a way for the Slack message output to accept HTML? If the Description field of the google calendar event has formatting (bold, underline, hyperlink, etc.) the Slack message is messy with raw text. If not, is it recommended to just omit the Description from my configuration?

I’ve attached my workflow and a sample of the Slack message output! Thanks!

Hi, @HCCS, to format the message in slack you can use the Block builder, I share the web access, Slack

The message that you create in the constructor is pasted in the Block field within the slack module, I share 2 screenshots with you.


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