Slack integration using custom Slack app/bot instead of default Integromat?

Hello Makers!
I love so far and now I am trying to extend my scenario with a custom Slack notification.

I’d love to use my custom Slack app/bot. I have it already installed in my workspace and added to proper channels, created according to Slack documentation here: Basic app setup | Slack.

However when I add the Slack module to my scenario, It seems I can only authorize “Integromat” application. Is there a way to use my custom app/bot instead of the Integromat one or would I have to reimplement the (Slack) module myself?

Thanks for any insights! :hearts:

Hi Tomas, when you create a new connection to Slack, you can click on “Show Advanced Settings” . Here, you can specify your own client ID and secret (and desired scopes) for your own app within Slack. Once you use that, you’ll notice you’ll be authorizing your own app (rather than the Integromat one). Cheers.

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