Send Slack message to Make bot


I want to send messages to the Make bot in Slack, but it seems like it is turned off. On the configuration page this is not available.

I should be able to change this on Slack API: Applications | Slack but there is no app in there.

Hello @Davidof90

You should be able to add the app directly from your Slack workspace.

Let’s say you want to add the app to a specific channel.

  1. Go to “Integrations” tab in the settings of the channel.

  1. Scroll down to “Apps” to add one.

  1. Land on “Add apps page” and from there navigate to the Slack App directory.

  1. Search for the app in the app directory and add it in: Integromat | Slack App Directory

Hello Michaela,

The Integromat / Make bot is already installed to our Slack.

The problem is that we are not able to send “instant messages” to the Make bot in Slack. As you can see in my first screenshot.

It appears that the generic/default Make bot/integration (shown in your screenshot) is not configured to recieve Private/Direct messages from anyone, hence it doesn’t appear in the “Apps” group in the Slack interface.

The Make integration is provided for scenarios to be able to send messages to channels and threads.

If you would like a bot to recieve messages, you can set up your own custom Slack integration.


Here, you can allow the bot to read private messages


For more information, see

You can also submit this suggestion to the Idea exchange, under App improvement ideas.

Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.

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Hey David, apologies for my confusion here. I was wondering where that Make Bot came from.

What @samliew is saying is absolutely correct.


Hello @Davidof90,

I saw you marked my answer as a solution, but were you able to create a custom app bot that allows users to send direct messages to it yet?


Hello samliew,

Yes, I succesfully made a custom Slackbot. I also made a connection to Make so I can trigger it by sending messages.

However …

Now, I’m facing the issue that the webhook only triggers when I send a message to it. Other users are not able to trigger the webhook, strange because I never specified who can / can’t trigger the webhook.

Can anyone help on this issue? Do I have to make a custom webhook?