Sleep or Pause posting of webhook data to excel spreadsheet for 5 minutes

Hello all,

We use a webhook function to get data immediately as it comes in and adds it to a row in excel. We need that spreadsheet to pause being updated for about 5 minutes so we can process the excel spreadsheet data into another program. The pause has to occur at 1:00PM each day. I think the sleep tool could be beneficial but we don’t want the sleep action to cause the scanrio to miss any data payloads that would otherwise be added to the excel spreadsheet. Basically, the webhook would continue gaterhing it’s data but halt posting it during the sleep time. Any ideas?

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Option 1.

You can use a Parse JSON module to cause a temporary break in the scenario.

Parse JSON module: If between 1300 and 1304:59, throw error
Screenshot_2023-10-04_211018 (2)

Resume after 5 mins, you need to turn on “Automatically complete execution”

You’ll need to turn on “Yes” for these two scenario options


Option 2.

An alternate option would be to use another scenario to control this one

This way you can simply schedule it for 1300 every day


Wow! Thanks for this detailed info! I willl try it now!

For some reason I don’t have the module “Turn on another scenario/Turn off another scenario” I only have the option to turn on/off another scenarios schedule.

I think its the same feature/functionality however…I’ll try it

Under connection its asking for our evnironment url? Where do I find our Make url instance?

If you need help creating a connection, first try the instructions in the linked Help Center article, they are more comprehensive than what you’ll find on the forum:


Your URL is the origin portion of your organisation’s URL.

For more info about location.origin, see Location origin Property

The protocol (including ://), the domain name (or IP address) and port number (including the colon sign (:) of the URL.