Wait for module execution

Hey Make :slight_smile: i have a probably dumb question: how can i set module to wait full execution before proceeding?

My case is quite simple

  1. Get Data from facebook
  2. Clear sheet data range on google sheet (we want last data only)
  3. Write new rows on the same sheet

The problem is that step 2 and 3 are executed seamlessy, Make clear 1 row and then write a row, leaving on the sheet the last only.

As a workaround, i can set as first module the clearing one and it seems to work simply because the get data need more time

  1. Clear sheet data range on google sheet
  2. Get Data
  3. Write Data

Is there a way to set up this scenario with more control on module execution?

Thank you!

Hi @Lorenzo_Muro

You can use the sleep module to wait for a specific duration before continuing with execution.

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Hey, thank you for your answer :smiley:

Saw the sleep module and tried but it’s not enough: the sleep seems to stop every module at the same time. Any idea? :slight_smile: