A way to delay the "Watch Changes trigger" action from the Google Sheet module

Hello make community.

Is there a way to delay the Watch Changes trigger action of the Google Sheet module? In my scenario, it acts as soon as it detects a change in the sheet. That’s the normal way of an instant trigger. Even if the scenario only starts once a day, the data from the google sheet is already stored in the queue immediately.
However, I’d like to know if there’s a way to make it act ten minutes later (for example). The aim is to be able to correct an erroneous change in the Google Sheet (if necessary).

In this example, there would be a ten minute delay during which the change would not be effective. The scenario would not be activated, nor would it appear in the queue. After 10 minutes, the data change would be validated and the scenario triggered.

Thank you for reading

Use the Sleep Module and hold for 300 seconds that are 5 mins, you could put 2 and will be 10 mins.


Thank you a lot Rafael Sanchez. Will try your solution asap. And thank you also for the screenshot.

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