Watch changes google sheet module not triggred

Hello all

i have a trigger to watch changes on google sheet
the module and scenario work perfectly if i changed the data manually
but when i change the data using another API (manychat in my case) the cell is updated but the trigger is now working

i’ve searched and contacted support also about this problem, it seems that the trigger wont work if a change made by an API call or script execution

is there a work around for this, it very important to activate the watch changes trigger when an API call changes something in my google sheet


Hi Mohammed!

I have faced the same issue as you and I now use a scheduled search row module instead. This works fine for me because I just want my scenario to trigger when a specific cell is filled. Therefore me search module looks every 5 minutes for a row where “this particular cell” “exists”. You might add a filter in a way that it is triggered only once.

This also works if you want your scenario to trigger, whenever a certain cell or column fulfills a certain condition - you just need to adapt the search query accordingly.

Hope this solves your problem :slight_smile:


Hi Enrico, thank you for the reply

i will try to work with the search row module

but the watch changes trigger will be more efficient in my case.

i hope they can make possible as a feature.

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Hi @Mohammed_Breky

The module only watches for changes made in the Google Sheets app by the user. Script executions and API requests do not trigger this module. The module does not watch for newly added rows to the sheet.

For more details, refer to the below link:

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