Google Sheets - Watch function not triggering

I’ve setup a google sheet that received monthly updates and connected it up with make, it eventually pushes the data into airtable.

I have it all setup, there is currently data in the sheet and when I manually change a number, the scenario in Make runs flawlessly. I then trigger the tool I use to push data into the sheet, it updates all the numbers, but Make doesn’t notice the changes despite the numbers being different.

I basically want Make to look at this spread sheet once a month and update the info from the sheet into airtable, no matter what, just have the trigger be the time, not a change or new row.

Is there a way to force it to just update?

Hi. Your tool is saving the changes as raw not user input. I think you will need change the watch module by the search module and create an rule do get the data for new rows.

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Hi @Ryan_Mitchell

Since you need to run the automation once a month, please use the “Search Rows” module instead of “Watch Rows”.

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