How to wait for the module's finish and then move on to the next module?

Hi all,

Sorry if the question is dumb. I’m new to Make.

I have a scenario that integrates Google Sheets and Pipedrive. Like this;

1- Gets a cell from Google Sheets (let’s say X sheet), if the cell value is what I defined (which is “Ready”) then go to another Google Sheets (let’s say Y Sheet) and get range values.
2- Create a person on Pipedrive using the values obtained from the Y Sheet.
3- Then go to the cell that works as a trigger (X sheet), and update its value as “Finished” so as not to create duplicate persons in Pipedrive.

I have a problem with step 3. I am adding Google Sheets => Update a Cell. However, it is working every time a person is added to Pipedrive. Therefore, let’s say I have 12 people to add to Pipedrive, it updates that cell 12 times. It naturally increases the usage of operation. Is there any Wait condition that lets the Updating Cell Module wait until the Pipedrive Person Adding is finished? If not, what can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Recep_Sirin

I don’t think i understand what you’r saying since
The scenario is async which mean each module needs to finish in order to move to the next module

Maybe attaching an image would help better to understand

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Hi @Dorian_Ben_Haim

I added the scenario’s image.

Add an array aggregator after the pipedrive module


Which source module should I use on the aggregator?

The one who response with bundles