Trying to Add new rows in Google Sheets from Pipedrive's filter


I’m trying to:
1st to fill a sheet with all results from my Pipedrive’s filter and
2nd to update the sheet once a day

I have about 500 results on my Pipedrive’s filter and the problem starts while I was testing, running the scenario once, I got this:

Got the results and inserted 22 new rows into my sheet, but if I try to run the scenario again, I got the same results on my sheets, 22 new rows, with the same data that the scenario added earlier.
Here is how I configured my List Activities module:

And here, how I configured my Add Row module:

Can anyone help me with this?


Hi @Gustavo1

The list module list all the existing activities and , and during each scenario run, it appends the information to the Google sheet (Add a Row).

To ensure the creation of a row when it is not present and an update when it already exists, utilize the search module to find the data within the Google sheet. If the data is found, perform an update; otherwise, add a new row.

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Hello @Msquare_Automation

Thank you for your reply, but could you elaborate a bit more?
I tried using ‘Search rows’ module and changed the List Activities’s Limit to 5, but the results were always the same 5 deals.


Hi @Gustavo1

Please utilize the “Search Google Sheet” module to find the row associated with the pipeline activity. Apply the filter option to meet your specific requirements during the search process.

Next, implement the “Update a Row” module to modify the relevant data in the sheet on a daily basis.

If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help!