Help! Create scenario to update Pipedrive CRM from Google Drive


Can anyone help me a scenario with Google Drive and Pipedrive CRM. So I want a automation to pull data from an excel spreadsheet and updates the relevant oganisation in Pipedrive using the Python ID as a the Reference.

The process needs to work so that it monitors a folder (maybe dropbox or Google Drive) and if it finds a new file, updats the data from that file into organisation field in Pipedrive. Then at the end of the process, moves the file to a Done folder.

Thanks in advance.


would you mind sharing what is your current progress?

You can use.

  • Watch all files from Google Drive module.
  • Watch new rows from google Sheets module.

What is it that doesn’t work? :slight_smile:

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My progress is that I am stuck after Watch All files from Google Drive module. After that step, I don’t know to aggregate the data. So no progress after the first module.

can you please make a video of your actual issue ? :slight_smile:

You need to actually give us some real examples of what are you facing. Show us what you are trying to retrieve, how are you retrieving , where do you want to send the data, what data are you sending.


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Thank you for you reply. There isn’t really actually an issue just the fact that I am new to make and I am struggling to progress any further but I will give you an depth explanation if that is okay with you.

So I want to create a scenario where the automation is triggered when a new File is added to my google drive (the File is a spreadsheet of organisation data). Then I want that File data to be imported and mapped to the relevant organisation filed into Pipedrive CRM. After that I need the File to be moved into a folder called ‘Done Folder’. So when a new file is added again it repeats the same process again.

Thank You.

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I have attached quick loom video just what I am trying to do. Please have a look.

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