SMS Gateway for private persons

Hi there,
has anyone a good sms gateway (with make integration) which can be used from pivate persons? The one i testet are all for companies and you have to insert a VAT number etc. to register or buy credits.
Even want a legal contract with company number.
Any ideas?

Never mind, just got clicksend to work for me.


Hello there @RogerM :wave:,

just wanted to jump in and pat you on the back for the great work you performed! It’s great to see when Makers come up with their own solution. :brain:

Good job! :+1:

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Hello again,
i just want to share my experiences with 2 services i have testet:

This Service can be used from privat persons. You dont have to fill out the legal contract. The Support is fast (business days) and answers your questions. You can use it as a prepaid service with minimum 10 Euros. The destinations countries must be given. I was aksed this via e-mail. Also the first payment will be reviewed and you have to answer some questions about your usecases. Also via e-mail. Available modules please check make. Use via API is provided with good documentation.


This service was the easiest to setup. You can use it privatly but you have to enter a company name (ACME does work). For setup and payment (min 20Euros) the support is not needed. There are some restictions with some countries like us or ca which did not bother me cause i am located in europe and i only use numbers from this area. If you answer that you dont need those countries the process will proceed.
The userinterface is great. The API is good documented. The support is fast and will check your first messages and have to approve them. This is a one time thing. You will be informed via e-mail. So dont bother if the first test sms will take a bit longer to process.
There are no payment issues and no aprovals concerning the payments. After you added the prepaid value you can start sending.

For the curios ones. I am using the sms gateway to send notification messages for my home security system (Tapo, IFTTT, make, sms).

The cost of both services are really low. A message within germany is about 0.07 euros. Pricing informations are available on both plattforms.

So far so good :smiley:


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Wow, thanks so much for stepping back in here and sharing all that you learned with the community! This is super valuable stuff and I’m sure it’ll be incredibly helpful to other Makers down the road. :clap:

Thanks a lot for keeping the community in mind :blush: