Monetizing a custom integration

HI, I believe I have a custom integration, that I could get 500-5000 customers paying me $50 a month. What are my options for monetizing? Will make charge the customer and share with me? DO I need to charge the customer? If I do, can I control who has access to my integration?
Can I do it without the customer knowing they are using make?
Many thanks for helping me start this journey :slight_smile:


Hey Great Question,

I have similar services, and yes it is totally possible. So what you do is use a webbook to trigger the make scenario.

Then Give out your customer API keys. Whenever Webhook gets a response you check if the API key is valid or not. If yes, Run the scenario.

This is something you can to do start, This system cant be scaled though. So if you get a lot of clients that you would have to move on a better system.


Thanks for the response. Do you mind describing your tech stack please?

Or is there an option to have Make bill my customer the monthly subscription and they take a cut?


My tech stack is changing everyday, I am currently in the phase of experimenting with different tech stacks.

And There is no option to bill your customer. But you could buy the Teams plan and can give access to that to your clients.


Is this a custom app or scenario?

We publish this scenario suite QuickBooks for WildApricot - NewPath Consulting and can tell you honestly charging 50 per month is a high ticket. We charge an install fee of 2999 and charge 99/year with support costing 99/ hour. We have signed up maybe 20 customers so far on it.

Your vision of getting thousands of customers is lofty and possible but will depend on how you market. It’s harder than you think.

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@contrarian did you started selling?? How’s everything going on???

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I just released a post on how to control access to a custom app here: How to monetize custom apps in make with a bit of code