Noob question: Creating scenarios for customers

Hi all,

Might be a stupid question, but im just wondering how the process works if you’re offering automation as a business solution, and you create scenarios for customers.
Do you normally just make the scenarios on your own account, and they just run there, or do you Setup a paid account for the customers and make them there?

Just wondering :smiley:

If you have an entprise plan, i would do it in your account. There is a team option which keeps the clients separate plus the security standards are higher.

If entprise is not an option, then i would build a separate environment for each client. Always use your own promo code, so you get a commission if the client uses make accordingly.

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That makes a lot of sense, thank you so much!

The Make Master Services Agreement ( is pretty clear on this:

“You may access to and use of the Services solely for Your internal purposes in accordance with the limitations specified on the Platform and not for the benefit of any third parties”

That applies for all Make plans, including Enterprise.

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