How do people monetize the use of Make?

As a consulting firm, we offer CRM solutions to our customers and I am considering using Make scenarios to help customers automate processes. I have a Make account. I’d like to use ‘Folders’. One Folder per customer. Specific scenarios placed in customer-specific folders.


  1. How do I track the number of Operations running for each customer?
  2. How best to monetize a Scenario and auto-bill customers?

I’m just not sure if its better to get the customer to just buy their own Make Account and just charge them a monthly fixed fee for consulting and leave the Make costs to the customer and Make.

How do others manage this? I’d be interested to learn. Thanks!

Hi @crm_automator,

Depends on what you and your customer agree on. Some of my customers are Make enthusiasts themselves and invite me as an App Developer to their Make account. All Make related billing is done on their side.

There are other cases where I open a new account in name of my customer and invite myself as App Developer. This makes sense for me to keep track of payments, used operations an access control. If the customer want’s to take over the account in the future, I only have to transfer ownership.

In a few cases, I have scenario’s running in my own account. But the used operations are negligible.