Social Media Posting

Hello , my problem Confined in The Social Media Posting Scenarios
i have created a database in google sheet and files for my visual Content (Videos&Images) in google drive
and i have integrated all together sucsefully, but My problem with meta for example is that non of these Platforms Can Read My Google Drive Links Directly from google drive , and when i used google drive module Dawnload a file of Search For a file Or get a shared liks , i notice that i have to select the file that i want to publish every time , wiches not logic to use automation to do something everything like normal hahahah , so what i need to do here i need module or platform to allow me to use google drive liks to dawnload images and videos directly from my google drive files to facebook and instagram

here is my scenario

heres the problem when i try to publish directly from google sheet

and here the google drive module that i used

in the Schose bar i have to select the file name everytime

am sorry about the lenght of spoken , and thank you for all your help

To download files from Google Drive, you need to get the shareable link (URL) of the file saved in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. It should be a link that allows anyone with the link to view the file. Once you have the URL, you can use the HTTP “Get a file” module to download the file directly, instead of using the Google Drive module every time. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.