Some error with wordpress


That error what could be??
blueprint.json (376.5 KB)

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Please share screenshots of the module fields and filters in question? It would really help other community members to see how you are mapping variables.

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Please provide the input/output bundles of the modules by running the scenario, then click the white speech bubble on the top-right of each module, save the contents as a bundle.json file, and upload it here into this discussion thread:


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I am trying to figure out where is this option.

This is a screenshot of the output when the scenario is run. Do you have a screenshot of how you mapped variables in the module settings fields, like when you are designing the scenario?

This is a screenshot of the rich-text editor in this forum. You can see it above the white box when you are composing a reply, up here.

This is used to upload attachments to the post, like the exported scenario blueprint.


Here a video.

The http makes it take the values ​​of a page in Google Excel where it has the url of the image.

I dont know because the data are in file.HTML have to be jpg?

What is the input bundle of the HTTP module? Can you share an example of the URL passed into that module? Looks like the image data retrieved from the HTTP module is incorrect.


Google sheet column G image the image are belong to file of google sheet drive

So the google sheet with webhook and http drag that url in the google sheet with the url of google drive.

You can’t use the HTTP module to get that link - it’s not a direct link to the image, but just a Google Drive preview HTML page displaying the image.

You need to change that to Google Drive - “Download a File” module to get the actual image file.


Resolved and thanks. working now =)

@samliew help me.

Now I change the workflow with google drive and the format are in png. Now I dont know what could be.

Please provide screenshots, I don’t have time to watch videos unless I’m paid to do so.

Based on your description, I am guessing you need an image format conversation module.

When you mention image format conversation module what mean?
About your time, I share a video because is more easy to see and understand the issue. The video only have 2 minutes. If you fix my issue and finish the workflow how much your hour time?

Here is one image conversion module you can use on Make:



Still the issue ;-; @samliew

I try to change the plataform to see if the problem is wordpress but is not. Something I am doing wrong.

I found the issue about the url now I am trying to fix this issue.

I resolve the issue by myself with others red social apps. Now I am figured out with wordpress. For some reason wordpress in the Featured media ID dont accept google drive data or google sheet data. I put the path of google sheet where appear the url but dont work because appear the error ( BundleValidationError

Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

  • Invalid number in parameter ‘featuredMedia’.)

In this case @samliew, I will need your knowledge to guide what info I can use put in Featured media ID

Hello @Francisco_Lee,

You have to :

  1. Upload your image to wordpress with a “Create Media” module.
  2. Create your post (“Create Post” module) and use the “media idem id” provided by “Create Media” module as Featured Image Id :

Hope that helps


Thanks for your assistance and help. In this case dont apply because when i put create media just show info about google drive and convert image.

At the end I remove The media. now is working good.

Can’t understand your answer, but if you are all good, that is good :+1:
(Based on your last screenshot, your wordpress post won’t have a featured image as you don’t create the media for it ➜ If you want to have the media created and used for your post, don’t hesitate to take a 2nd look at my above insights :wink:)