Split sting into substrings by hmtl tag

Hey there,

I have an html string that I want to separate into 3 substrings. Each time there is an < h2 > tag, I want that to be the start of the new section. This way it can go into the body of an email.

I thought I could achieve this by using < h2 > as a a separator in a split function, but its not working as I hoped.

What’s the best approach here? Regex?

Note, I added the space around the tag so it wouldn’t format in the forum.

Hi @sean,

It is hard to say what the issue is without knowing exactly what you mean by “not working as I hoped”. I just did a quick test and it works fine on my end:

html string:

split function:


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Good point – it looks like this is working apporpriately when I use the Set Variable app opposed to Compose a String like you did.

Is it possible to split the text without removing the beginning < h 2 > tag?

yeah it returns an array so if you want to map this on a field you need to add a get() function to select which item of the array you want.

You can’t split the text without removing the < h 2 > but you can just add it front of your value, like this:

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That’s really helpful – this should do the trick then!

Thanks so much for your help!