Split text into array and bundle

I have this output in text form. I want to split them by comma and the output will be in bundle. For example:
Bundle 1:
Name: (name1)
Email: (email1)
Bundle 2:
Name: (name2)
Email: (email2)


I used split function and then Iterator for each array, however for the 2nd iterator, it resulted into 2 task because the output on the 1st iterator is already 2


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It looks like you didn’t provide the original text, and how you are splitting them.

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Hi all,
A newbie here.
Can someone please help with the formula to split a text?
Example: Split text into array and bundle - #2 by samliew
Return the text between
and /28843/2

Hi @karla ,

Could you precise a little bit more your context?

split function is simple, let’s say that you’ve got a string named text_1 (for example: text_1="Paul-Marie-John-Arthur"), if you apply the split function using the separator -, you will get the array ["Paul", "Marie", "John", "Arthur"].


sorry, looks like the link didn’t copy properly. But what if I need to extract the text? For example:
I need to extract the text between com and /28843


It looks a little bit difficult, because it seems that you don’t know the position of what you are looking for in the initial string, that’s it?

Is it only for URL splitting?


the position is always the same:
<a href="CUSTOMLINK" target="_blank">Receive File

I need to extract the custom link. Any tips will be much appreciated

There is something interesting here.

I just hope that regular expressions will not give you a headache…

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Hey @jake1694,
Considering you always expect the same number of items in both “Email” and “Name” fields, and you have validation so the user can’t enter a comma (as we use it as our separator), you can look into this approach:

  • Use a JSON aggregator to enforce the desired data structure
  • We can leverage the “get” function that when provided with an array and an index, will return the relevant array item
  • The repeater “i” can help us as index, and we can use length() to determine the needed number of repeats

It looks like so:

  1. Add a repeater and set number of repeats = {{length(split(2.Email; ", "))}}
  2. Add an “Aggregate to JSON” module, set its source to the repeater, and with the following data structure: {"Email":"","Name":""}

    Set the module as follows:

    Email: {{get(split(2.Email; ", "); 3.i)}}
    Name: {{get(split(2.Name; ", "); 3.i)}}
  3. Parse the aggregated json text:


Hope this helps!


Hi all,
What would be the best way to return only the country value? The input follows the same format:

Berlin - Germany
Miami - United States
Toronto - Canada
Los Angeles - United States


Thank you!