Split Function Not Creating Array

Hello everybody! I’m trying to split a text string from an email based on the | character. I have one other scenario where this is working perfect. The new variable shows up as an array in the scenario that works.

However, in the second scenario that I’m trying to add this same variable to will not split the variable. The split function is identical and the variable name is identical.

Then I try to go use the first position of the array as I did with the first scenario, the new variable does not appear as an array.

It has been running, but loads the entire text string from the email and does not seem to be splitting. I have deleted and recreated the set variable function, refreshed metadata, and let the scenario run a few times. No matter what will the variable appear as an array. Does anybody have any thoughts to fix this?

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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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I was working on it then got distracted. Had to remove sensitive information. The Set Variable creates the input for Notion.
Notion_InputBundle.json (631 Bytes)
Notion_OutputBundle.json (13.6 KB)
SetVar_InputBundle.json (402 Bytes)
SetVar_OutputBundle.json (345 Bytes)