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Hi guys,

I am new to make and currently testing it. So far I have been using Zapier, but for various reasons I would like to switch to make.

I work in an e-learning company and we get leads from a partner via email. It’s basically a text with all the relevant contact information. It basically looks like this:

"Dear Partner,

A new lead has been coming in.

Name: Jane Doe
Mail: doe@testing.com
Company: Testing LLC
Phone: 0123456789
Comment: Lorem Ipsum"

In Zapier I can use Zapier’s formatter to remove the HTML from the email and then split the plain text into several text fragments according to different criteria. So I get a result from Zapier with just the name (e.g. “Jane Doe”), the email (doe@testing.com), etc. I can use these results to create a new organisation, person and deal in our CRM Pipedrive.

I was wondering how to do this in Make. I have already tried to do this with the text parser, but failed. I know there is also an integration with mailparser.io, but I want to solve it within make. Maybe someone has an idea or a hint on how to solve this?

Below you can find a screenshot of my workflow. Thanks in advance and Happy Friday everyone!


You can use the split function when you define any input in make.com. Not sure if this solves your problem, but maybe it can be of use.



Here is a quick brief, Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Watch and implement this.

Formula: {{get(split(get(split(get(split(1.Email text; “coming in.”); 2); newline); 1); “:”); 2)}}


If you can’t solve it within Make, you can also use parsio.io, this is a WYSIWYG email and PDF parser.

  1. Create an inbox and send your sample email.

  2. Create a parsing template: highlight the text to extract:

  3. Add auto-forwarding rules to that inbox, your emails will be automatically parsed to JSON:

  4. Create an integration: export data to Sheets or wherever you need it (via Zapier or Make).

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your quicks answers and the tips -this is really useful!

@Manish_GrowwStacks Thank you so much for the video!! I guess this should solve my problem and I’ll try to test it :slight_smile:



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