Split URL function - Extract Domains from URL

Hey Make Lovely Community People,

I get this data, for ex: https://smallseotools.com/backlink-maker/

Now I only want smallseotools.com

How can I do it?

Some links might have www, etc I only want the domain name.

Hello @itsmeayyub ,

If data=https://smallseotools.com/backlink-maker/
you could use the following function:
Please, find in attachment the corresponding blueprint.
Extract Domains from URL.json (4 KB)

Hope it helps.



Appreciate the help.

What about https://www.duplichecker.com/backlink-maker.php?

@Philippe_Billet Can we also remove www.?

It is a little bit more tricky:

And the blueprint:
Extract Domains from URL_v2.json (6.1 KB)


The data mapping you have included “2.without_www”

Where that came from?

cuz I only have website URL as data and they contain www, etc

It was from your first example.


Hi itsmeyyub,

Have you tried to use RegEx (\b(?!www\.) (?!http:\/\/www\.) (?: [0-9A-Za-z] [0-9A-Za-z-] {0,62}) (?:\. (?: [0-9A-Za-z] [0-9A-Za-z-] {0,62}))* (?:\.?|\b) ) with the Text parser yet ? you would need to play around with the regex pattern a little (https://regex101.com/).


Thanks for the help @OckertCameron I will try it and see how it works.

@OckertCameron So I need to add a text parser, which module?

This is the link we’re getting:


Now I only want


Any chance you can tell me step by step how to do it?

What’s wrong with my solution?


your solution is amazing.

I just didn’t get the part, how can I get “2.without_www”

Right now this is the data I’m getting:


Now I used your formula of split, which works like a charm but it can’t remove the www.

I’m a beginner so little confused.

In the blueprint, in the first module, I set 2 variables containing URLs one with www, the second without. In the second, I build 2 functions, one corresponding to the case with wwww (associated to the variable domain_name_with_www) and the second is the other case.

According to your last screenshot, where do you want to store the domain name?

If I well understand, just replace 3.with_www by 19.url in this function:
and use it to feed Website (A)


the RegEx pattern: ^(?:https?://)?(?:[^@]+@)?(?:www.)?([^:/?=]+)


Thank you so much for helping me out.

I really appreciate your time @OckertCameron @Philippe_Billet

You guys are amazing.

I’m a beginner at the moment, the day I become an expert I will give back to the community by helping people.

I just have a quick question.

I’m right now learning from make academy. What’s the best and easiest way to become expert aka learn make.com? What would you recommend?


One last thing to tackle:

I get 20 pieces of data such as website names and keywords.

Sometimes the data 7 or 8, the website name is empty.

So below is the error I got. I want the module to run till the end and skip the one that doesn’t have a website name

Tinker chap myself. still need go through the academy myself. add error condition ignore. the text tool does not have this as complete tool. on tools → flow control → select ignore add to scenario. then right click add error handler and connect the two.