SQL Server Connection

Hello all !

I am currently trying to connect to my local SQL Server (Our ERP) with the module Microsoft SQL Server.

I already did it for Power Bi Services thanks to On-Premises Data Gateway. It works well.

Is someone knows if it is possible to use the same DataGateway with Make to connect to my SQL Server ?

Because when I select the module Microsoft SQL Server (in a new scenario) when I create a new connection, I add the different points, (Host, Port, User, Password, Database) but I have errors (Connection Lost – read ECONNRESET, or time out after 15000ms)
I don’t really know where am I wrong or where I might be right.

And if there is an other solution than On-Premises Data Gateway feel free to let me know as well

Thanks you in advance


Is the server hosted in your local network? Can you check if it has access from outside, not sure if you are using Power BI Service in your local network or if are you using it from Cloud one.

Plus, Can you see if checking the encrypt option in make.com during connection will resolve the issue that you are facing?

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Hello Runcorn

Thank you for your reply RunCorn

Yes the server is hosted on our local network
And yes I use Power BI Service on cloud, I use a data gateway (On-Premises data gateway) to allow Power BI Services to connect to my local Server hosted on our local network.

I also just tried to connect checking the encrypt option but I still have the error message (Failed to connect to (my IP) in 15000ms