SSH Tunelling for MySQL connection

Hi all.

I was wondering if SSH Tunneling is possible here. It’s needed to connect to MySQL, as the server in question doesn’t allow external connections to mysql, but using tunelling it would work fine.

Thank you for any insights.

No, Make’s SQL module does not support connections over SSH tunnelling.

According to the documentation, the server that the database is on, has to be publically accessible from the internet.


If you have security concerns, you can secure the connection further by using a “Self-signed certificate”.


Thank you very much.

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@Daavism if you’re on an Enterprise plan, you have the option to use the On-premise Agent to make HTTP calls to an on-premise REST API.

Alternatively, you could look at using Ngrok. This is effectively a reverse proxy - and might even allow using the Make MySQL app (I’m not an expert on Ngrok so I can’t be sure on that).