Staggered webhook executions?

I think there may be a few viable solutions to this, hoping someone can help me figure it out.

I have one google sheet with thousands of rows of data. I want to move this data using webhook, which is easy enough on its own, however I want to do this sort of staggering instead of all in one go. Specifically, I want to send 100 rows a day spread over about a 12 hour period. Is there an easy way to accomplish this with make?

Any insights/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

I would build a data store to store executions data and start with a data store search on a run once a day schedule

  1. Search the last row executed
  2. Search the range in your sheet: last row executed + 1 to last row executed +101
  3. Send your webhook for each row.
  4. Update your data store with the last row executed.

Could you search the rows, in 100 row increments, and just schedule this to run every 12 hours?

If you had a field you could update when the row has been finished processed?

You could aggregate the rows to send a bulk update API request to reduce operational usage and then end.