Start a scenario by click a link?

Hi Make commnunity,

I want to create the following scenario (Scenario 1). I plan to send an email to users, which, in addition to the main content, will automatically generate a unique link for them to click on to confirm (similar to a verification activation email). This link will be unique for each email sent, possibly containing a specific code, or ideally, it would include the WooCommerce order ID that I’ve associated with this user in a previous step.

Once the user clicks on this link, it will trigger another scenario in Make (Scenario 2).
The data passed to Scenario 2 needs to include the order ID from Scenario 1 to begin.

The question is: How can I generate this link to start trigger another scenario?

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Hey @kieuminhnhat

You can send the webhook link of the 2nd Scenario with query params which makes the link unique and can share data with that link like orderID.


Sachin Shrivastava


Can you explain more, what module are you using on that screenshot?


Scenario 1 - Your Wrokflow goes here and send email here with link of Scenario 2 with the order id mapped here

Scenario 2 - Add your workflow after the webhook, it will get that specific orderid when user clicked on the link


Ahh, ok. That is how it works.
Thank you very much!!!

Glad to know I could help you
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I have another question,
Can I some how setup that trigger link when user click to it, it will start scenario 2 and the user also will redirect to another page?
The user need to redirect to another Thank You page.

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Hey @kieuminhnhat

You can use Webhook response to do this. You can write HTML here.

If you want to redirect it to another website use this.


Awesome, thank you very much for detail answer