Status code 400: Access denied from this IP

I’m trying to send data to a webhook in another script using the HTTPS module. This is a post request with custom data

  • But the answer comes like this:
    bad request

*What does this mean? How to fix it?

You’re receiving a http 400 error. There could be a few things which may cause this error. But looking at your module, it seems to me the error is generating because of malformed request body.
Most of the time this error occurs when a user has composed the body of the request in a wrong format.

Try to change your content-type from custom to “application/json” or form data.
Then send your data accordingly in the body.
If you select, application/json, send the data in json format in the body.
If you select form data, then the body will be a key value pair.

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Yes, I did this before the custom format, but the answer was the same.

This looks like a bug.

For quicker assistance with bugs and technical problems, you may want to contact support directly. They respond very quickly and update you frequently on the status of their investigation.

Hope you can share the resolution with us if you manage to solve this problem!


Hello @Oleksandr_Tsap :wave:

I see that you opened a ticket with us and that the support team investigated this and gave you the following advice. I’m sharing it here for the benefit of the community. :arrow_down:

Make Support response:

Based on the webhook, this problem occurs because you entered characters in the IP restrictions area; please click the edit button, leave this field blank, save the scenario, and try running it again.