Stripe Email Automations

Hey there!

I am trying to set up a scenario where when a payment fails in Stripe, an email is sent to the customer with details for the transaction and how to solve it.

I did this with Zapier before and the mapping was quite straightforward, but now I am struggling to find the right mapping.

On the screenshots, you will see the workflow and the looks of the email.

I need to be able to pull the information in a way that I can customize the email and also be able to format the email so it looks like a normal email and not as a full-text block.

HI @Carlos_Adell,

You need to utlize HTML tags for it. So, It will be rendered in more appealing way.

Just for testing use <p> tag, like, and for line breaks you can use <br>

Hi Name,<br>
<p>We noticed that your last....</p>

Just wrap the sentence in <p> tags.

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Thanks brother,

What about the mapping?

For example look at the amount, ut should be $108, not 10800, also I need to be able to pick the client’s name, not the client’s ID code, is there a way that I can see what data is going to be retrieving from Stripe so I can send the notifications with the right information?

Stripe sends everything as in cent value, so For the amount, you can simply divide it by / command,

We noticed that your last payment of ${{1.stripeAmount / "100 was not "}}

Screenshot from 2023-04-19 13-22-36

And, For the Customer, you can put a Get a Customer Module after the first module and pass the customer ID there and then you can use the result of that module in the email one for mapping those details.

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What you can do is, Go the Scenario Execution History and over there you can preview all the details that you are getting from Stripe.

I am trying to do that, but if I use a Stripe “Retrieve a customer” module after the initial one, the data I can extract from this particular module is exactly the same as the data I can extract from the initial module, so what’s the point?

Am I not understanding this properly?

Also I realised the way I tried to use to retrieve the four last digits of the card, didn’t give any result.

Can you share what your initial module output looks like?

I can’t figure out how to see the information I am getting out of Stripe, sorry I am pretty new to this and I get stuck with the small stuff…

Here’s the link to the scenario in case it helps: