Stuck on Parsing Logic

Hi All,

I’m sure I seem like a tool for posting this, but I just want to see if you can help me find a solution.

I’m trying to mirror this scenario off of YouTube which seeks to achieve the following, but I keep getting this error in the Project - Set Multiple Variables module – message: Failed to map ‘1. value’: Function 'parseNumber finished with error! Valid separators are “,” and “.”.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

  1. RSS Module (RSS feed items):
  • This step watches an RSS feed from Upwork to identify newly posted jobs.
  1. HTML to Text Conversion (Parse Description):
  • Converts the HTML descriptions from the RSS feed into plain text so that the next step (ChatGPT) can process it.
  1. Job Filtering with GPT (Filter Job):
  • Passes the parsed job descriptions to ChatGPT, which evaluates the descriptions to determine whether they meet your desired qualifications.
  • ChatGPT returns a JSON result indicating the relevance of the job based on your criteria.
  1. JSON Parsing (Parse JSON):
  • Extracts and structures the returned JSON data to be used for further processing.
  1. Switch Module (Get Budget):
  • Divides the job descriptions based on whether they’re hourly or project-based (fixed price).
  • If the description mentions an hourly rate, it’s considered hourly; otherwise, it’s project-based (with a fixed budget).
  1. Route to Appropriate Variable Assignment (Hourly or Project Based):
  • Depending on the switch module’s output, the job data is routed to the appropriate path:
    • Hourly Variables: Extracts the hourly rate, country, category, and skills.
    • Project-Based Variables: Extracts the fixed budget amount, country, category, and skills.

The Problem

I’m having trouble isolating the numeric value for either the hourly rate or fixed budget, which may be due to an issue with the regular expression used in the match function or parsing logic.

Any tips?

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 10.50.25 AM