Submit a web search (not google) and return results?

I am trying to acheive the following flow, but am new to Make

  1. Submit an excel sheet of data in column A

  2. A website is opened that contains a search bar and returns results in HTML

  3. Take the first value in Column A, and automatically search it in the website search bar

  4. The website returns the results of the search, and sends the results back to the excel spreadsheet

  5. Repeat until no values are left in column A

Does not appear to have the functionality to do this. Any insight on if this is possible?

Howdy @Kirt Welcome to the :make: community!

I would need to know a little bit more about your use case e.g. the site in question you want to grab data from, to give you a more targeted answer.

you do have the capability to fill out forms using make HTTP modules and post, follow redirects, parse html save cookies, find all matches to a regex expression. etc

Its not a full functioning scraper, but can handle a pretty wide set of tasks.

^^see my response on this thread for more details.