Sum in the Tools module

Sum in the Tools module.

I’m currently waiting for some variables to be received in the tools module, and I’d like to sum up the values ​​I receive.

I already tried using {{Sum{{map{TotalValue}},
use the array iterator, or aggregator iterator.

Engfim, if anyone has a suggestion for adding the 18 values ​​received in Tools, I would be very grateful.

You should not use “Set variable” first, instead use an array aggregator, then after that set a single variable using the map and sum functions:

  1. Set-up example, two bundles with property “value” 5 and 4 respectively:

  1. Select property to sum from bundle into an array:

  1. Use map and sum functions to set your total from the array:

  1. Showing result of execution: 5+4 = 9


I managed to do it another way, but your way also works perfectly.