Need to sum values from several bundles

Hello community!

I am fairly new to so please bear with me. I have a list of bundles with one value each (“Pipeline”) that i would like to get the sum of:

I tried adding a numeric aggregator module but it would only give me the value of the first bundle and not the sum of ALL bundles as intended:

Is there a way to aggregate the bundles to one array so that a can just summarize the array?

Any hints or ideas are much appreciated!

You are almost there.

  1. remove the (green) aggregator
  2. use the baserow module as the source module of your numeric aggregator
  3. refer to the Pipeline value of the baserow module for the Value field in the numeric aggregator.
    Then you should get the sum of all the lines that your receive from Baserow

Hi @Talnt ,

You should look at numeric aggregators here, it could help you. In your case, the most difficult is to choose the aggregated field.

Could you send an file containing this list of bundles ?




Worked like a charm! Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: