Unable to combine many bundles to one array, kindly help

  • I am trying to upload list of attachments to onedrive and need to get the uploaded file url,

  • it is coming as different operations in onedrive node, I have to aggregate it to array of json, so I can process next node, kindly help.

Attaching my nodes.

  • I tried and followed some community post but not working for me ,

this solution looks cool but no explanation on which node we need to write the map function, please help.

Welcome to the Make community!

Every result (item/record) from a search module will output a bundle. To “combine” them into a single structure, you’ll need to use an aggregator of some sort.

Aggregators are modules that accumulate multiple bundles into one single bundle. An example of a commonly-used aggregator module is the Array aggregator module.

You can aggregate to text too, then add the wrapping JSON object around it.




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