🤖 Switch special characters to standard characters

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I have a string with “special” characters: ěĚšŠčČřŘžŽýÝáÁíÍéÉůŮ.
They are featured in names such as Jiří Švarc.
I need to switch all special characters to their standard type, meaning

ě = e
Ě = E
Any thoughts on how to do this?

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In this case, you can totally use the :arrow_right: ascii() function:arrow_left:

If you set up the function like below, all the special characters and replace with their standard version.

In other words, ěMščařžkýáeíé gets changed into eMscarzkyaeie


to be copied: {{ascii("ěMščařžkýáeíé"; true)}}

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