Encoding issues special characters (ä, é, ü) for CSV creation

My goal is to create CSVs for an FTP-upload (stock status, product descriptions,…). Mostly working well, but I’m now running into an issue with the encoding of special characters. The CSV files need to be UTF-8 encoded (which seems to be the case by default), and they will contain special, non-english characters (ä, é, ü, ö,…).

I cannot make it working and each time the CSV is created, the special characters are not correctly encoded. In make.com, the characters are correctly represented but in the final CSV generated, they’re not.

I setup a separate test scenario to simply test all different encoding/ manipulation methods (toString, convert encoding, encodeURL,…). These were some strategies mentioned in other threads: #1, #2.

Using ascii (e.g. described here) is not an option, since i need the special characters to be there in the final CSV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To reproduce
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  • Sample CSV generated

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